Barthelasse Island

Barthelasse is the biggest river island in Europe. Nested in the Rhône river, it is a real haven of calm and nature, with all the advantages of both the city and the countryside, without their inconvenients. Along your walks, you will discover orchards as far as the eyes can see. By the way, many farms sell the products of the local agriculture, such as fruits, vegetables, and other products of the farm.

Besides, the famous Pont d'Avignon, of which only a part remains to this day, initially connected the land to the Barthelasse island.

Avignon and its surroundings

Let your curiosity bring you on the roads of Provence, to discover its numerous and versatile possibilities

Pont d'avignon

palais des papes

pont du gard


les baux de provence

fontaine de vaucluse

vineyards of the Rhône valley


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